How Much Does It Cost?

Your project is unique, your business is unique and you are unique. 


I offer this price list as a general guideline for you to think about what you want and where you want to go with your business. 


We custom fit your details and create a media plan for your business individually and your satisfaction is my priority. In the course of our planning, plan to be open, flexible and speak your mind. If you need changes, don't hesitate to communicate and share your ideas. I am flexible and easy to work with. Please be as clear as you can when discussing what you want, it helps me suggest the right content and plan of action for you!

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5 page template based
with 2 videos under 3 minutes. You supply all images in digital form. If you don't have your images in digital format, extra fees according to how many images you need digitized.

Template Website                                        $500.00


The ultimate goal of a template based website is for you to transition to updating it so you won't have to pay someone to do your updating. Go Daddy, Wix, Weebly, Host Gator etc all have customer service people that are friendly and helpful and can help you when you start the learning curve. If you don't want to do it, I can always update it for you. Your content, which is every written word on your pages, must be e-mailed to me in your words or the approved writer's words who you are working with.  Your bio, your resume, your products, your books, your cd's, your art etc. needs to be organized completely. I cannot be responsible for writing your content. Any images that convey your message, your vision, your products etc. need to be e-mailed to me as well.  This makes the whole process much more satisfying for you, because you get exactly what you want.  


Updates                   per action                        $75.00


I recommend that if you want me to update, make sure you have more than one update I can do per action. You will get more bang for your buck that way.


Wordpress Sites                                             $750.00


5 page sites, each additional page $100.00


One Page Wordpress Site                         $250.00


This is hosted by me, we use your domain name.

You supply artwork and copy, I create one video under 3 minutes included in this package.







Press Release                                              $300.00 


Recommended lead time for press release is 2 to 3 weeks for it to get established and get traction. It can be 1 week before event or release, but you won't get as many hits. I SEO your release 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks included in the original fee. If you want to keep it SEO'd there is a montlhy charge of $100.00 per month for 3 times a week SEO.

Press Releases
Fully SEO optimized PR
published on Press
One image uploaded article written from your content under 600 characters. PR will stay forever online, if you continue to SEO it, it will continue to attract readers.



For Business:

I come to your place and take photos and live footage to use in creating your video.


For Artists and Musicians:

I can use your MP3 files and your photos or digitize your analog photos. 




Video is essential to any music, product or message you want to get out to the public.


If you have artwork, music, products, own a restaurant, beauty salon, store of any kind, government service message, school etc.....

video is a great medium to introduce and educate people about what you have to offer.


Voice over, collage, montage  and moving images appropriate to your needs will be discussed and your vision will be created.


Video (under 10 minutes)      $200.00 to $350.00

Created just for you, either montage or moving images, Includes upload to You Tube.


Musicians on location                         $350.00

Uploading to You Tube, 2 to 6 plates for front and end of video. Uploading up to 3 tunes from gig or studio session. I usually pick the best live performances and use those for your video. I can also combine still shots with the video.





I am working on uploading my marketing videos to my brand new channel! 

Check it out and subscribe!


In order to upload your videos to your channel, I need your gmail login and your password or I can e-mail you the mp4 file and you can upload directly.



Creation of social media accounts:

Linked In

You Tube



Blog Sites




Posting on accounts:




Call or e-mail me with your preferences. Packages are fit to your needs, too many to outline here it all depends on what you want.


5 page template website

3 videos

2 press releases

Creation of the big six social media accts

           1. Facebook Fan Page

           2. You Tube Channel

           3. Linked In Acct

           4. Pinterest Acct

           5. Twitter Acct

           6.  Instagram

(Posting on social media twice a week for the 1st month)



One half deposit, $500.00 after 2 weeks, $500.00 after completion. 


This is a great deal for your business!



Digitizing Your Photos


Each photo                                                    $10.00


If you are doing a video or website and have many photos, call and we can create a package for you.




I Accept:
Pay Pal
Personal & Business Checks
Postal Money Orders

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Mailing address is:

Sarah James

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201.723.4762 for further info

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