What Is A Media Article Press Release? 


A media article press release is the who, why, what, where and when of your news,  your company news, new products and innovations, your new CD project, your new play, whatever important information you want to get across to your customers, your audience and the world. PRESS RELEASES are distributed nationally to digital publications, TV stations blogs, radio station blogs and printed media. They are created like an article in a magazine or newspaper and then released digitally across all the platforms and picked up by media outlets looking for the content you are bringing to the public.


People do get confused about the difference between PRESS ADVANTAGE press releases and a press release similar to the ones you might submit to a paper, or a magazine or a blog to the editorial section of the media dept.


PRESS ADVANTAGE press releases go over a large network of media outlets NATIONALLY AND GLOBALLY through the digital platform and GOOGLE.  


A TV station, a newspaper, a magazine might be looking for content and it will subscribe to the media outlets that supply fresh content to the global news and information markets. If your content is what they are looking for, they will pick it up and publish it to their readers.


These are the kind of press releases that I write.  I do not submit one page "just the facts m'am" bullet type when, where, why info to individual papers or magazines.


I write a completely original content based media article on you, your product, your business, your CD, your art or your event.  I am a member of the Press Advantage Organization and all my articles are approved by the editorial staff for correct search engine optimization and reach many news organizations..


Some people will write a one-page document and send it out to their mailing list, however large or small, and call it a "press release". That is not what I do. 


I write a one-page article document with the information you give me and research that I do to write about your business, art, book company, new product topic or whatever you are bringing newsworthy to the public nationally and globally through the digital networks.


 Your content will be indexed by GOOGLE giving you more exposure in the search engines.



Here are some examples:

Below are press releases I wrote for a former company. They, unfortunately, did not rank their releases on Google.


I include your videos, your links a map to your event, business location or venue and SEO your keywords. It is a great way to advertise your business and expand your name and brand. 


SEO is search engine optimization, it's a big deal in the marketing world. Press Releases are great to SEO. I combine them with Google Hangouts and you get excellent results. 


What is a Google Hangout?


Google Hangouts are live video interviews that you and I create and post to your You Tube video channel. If you don't have a video channel, I will create one for you. You give me 5 to 10 questions to ask you about your topic, I ask you on video through your computer and I publish it through my channel to your channel. Your interviews can be short or long, that depends on you!

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